This is the Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question isn't answered below you can find our contact details here...

  1. Do you fit radiators?  Short answer is no... but we can recommend our chosen fitters or have the radiator delivered to the garage of your choice.
  2. Do you repair plastic radiators? Yes we do, we also repair copper and brass and most other types.
  3. Can you repair my radiator? Without seeing them it is hard to tell but if it is too far gone to repair then we can quote you for a new one. If it is no longer manufactured then we can, in most cases, build you one from scratch.
    Call 01584 874495 or contact us here and we can discuss your options.
  4. What is the OE number? OE (Original Equipment) is the number to check to ensure that the part you purchase will fit your vehicle. They are included on the site for your reference only. If in doubt call 01584 874495 or contact us here with your registration number and we can check for you.
  5. Are your products OE? Some are, some aren't. The non-OE products we stock are as good (and in many cases better) than the OE versions. Most products come with a 12 month warranty. Products with less than 12 months will be displayed on the purchase page.
  6. What is the part number? The part number displayed in our product listings is for our reference and can be quoted by you if you have any queries
  7. Should I search by size? All our measurements are in millimetres which doesn't give much room for error. If you are having trouble finding a part using an OE number or the model of your vehicle then call 01584 874495 or contact us here with your registration number and we can check for you.
  8. Will you honour pricing mistakes? We are only human and it's very easy to mistype a number so there may be times when incorrect prices are posted on the site. Because our prices are already very low in most cases we wouldn't be able to honour an incorrectly priced item. If this happens we will contact you and inform you of the correct price and then you can decide if you would like to continue with the purchase or be refunded.
  9. Can you, do you, why don't you...? Ask us here